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A top notch site that allows you to watch a plethora of spanking movies. I am a frequent buyer from this site myself,  mainly because you can watch a 5 minute segment from a film and cut out all the fluff. Well worth a watch.


Shadowlane Movies

Did you know that virtually every Shadowlane video is available to watch online? The website that has them is a site that I have been a member of myself for several years now. What I love about it is that it is done by minutes,  so you pick a minute package and you get to spend the minutes where you want. So let’s say that you just want to watch ten minutes of one video with your favorite actress,  you can do just that. So if you have 200 minutes it will bring you down to 190. Basically it cuts out any fluff that you don’t want to see. When I go on there I generally watch 5 minute clips from a dozen or so movies,  it is a great way to spend your time.

Here are some of the Shadowlane collection that have been added over the years to this site.

Shadowlane Movies

Here are a collection of Shadowlane spanking videos that are available on Hot Movies. I have been a member of Hot Movies myself for over two years now,  you can watch what you want when you want and they have over one hundred thousand videos on the site covering every area that you could think of. Just click on any pic to see what I am talking about.

The Top Ten Of 2012

Here are the top ten posts of 2012 by number of visitors,  just in case you missed anything.

1) Birthday Spankings On Jeans

Six jean covered bottoms getting a good birthday spanking.

2) Ebony Spanking

Six lovely ladies,  mostly vintage,  getting some otk bare bottom treatment.

3) Sally Starr

I got this one wrong,  it turns out it was Maxine Cantway getting a spanking.

4) This Week On Janus

Ten exclusive Janus spanking pics. Just a note,  all Janus pics that appear on this site are exclusive as provided by Janus.

5) Spanking Comics

Half a dozen spanking cartoons from years gone by.

6) Asian Schoolgirl Spanked

Five pics of a naughty schoolgirl getting a bare bottom spanking.

7) Schoolgirl Samantha Woodley

America’s spanking sweetheart is getting a bare bottom spanking.

8) Mother And Daughter

A vintage otk spanking starting out on the panties.

9) Spanked Over Jeans

A random mix of six spankings over jeans,  three of them are otk.

10) Tanya Foxx Spanked On Her Panties

That wonderful Tanya Foxx getting spanked on her silky panties.

Ebony Spanking

Spanking crosses all cultural boundaries, here we have some lovely ebony ladies getting their well deserving bottoms soundly spanked.

Samantha Woodley In Keith’s Girl Friday

Keith Jones’ new Girl Friday, Samantha Woodley is a very naughty personal assistant in three scintillating vignettes. See her bent over a bar stool and walloped pink, turned over Keith’s knee for a panty and bare bottom warming with hand and paddle, and finally, for a serious infraction, Samantha Woodley receives her first ever caning! Filled with hard, sustained over the knee spanking, with terrific reactions to match, but Keith’s Girl Friday is also flirtatious, fun and absolutely, positively guaranteed to make you feel good about being into spanking!

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