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Over on my main site I have posted the survey results where I asked people what they liked in a spanking story. If you would like to offer your own thoughts on this,  the active survey is RIGHT HERE.

16 For Rotation

Spent the last hour or so putting together a nice plate of spam to join my gallery rotations. These are the latest spanking uploads from Shadowlane to Hot Movies. Thousands of spanking films along with every other fetish imaginable. Just review the site and if you are like me,  you will be putting down twenty bucks every now and then for an amazing collection of films.

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Paula Meadows - The Janus Interview

What is there left to say about Paula Meadows? A wonderful model,  outstanding illustrator and editor extraordinaire! It’s difficult to think of anyone else who has contributed as much,  and in so many different way,  to the CP scene.

Fortunately Paula had plenty to say for herself about her time with Janus and Februs when she met with Janus archivist Jon Rayworth a few weeks back. In a brand new interview Paula talks about how she became involved with Janus and her life since leaving that world behind. ‘I don’t think Paula or I wanted to revisit events that had already been well documented’  says Rayworth. ‘This interview covers new ground. It was fascinating to hear for the first time about her career as an artist and model before Janus and what it was like to work on these magazines.’

Click on the link below to read what will certainly be Paula’s last interview on the subject.

Paula Meadows – The Final Word

To celebrate her work you can download a Janus Collection of her favourite illustrations and Encore Janus 9 has just been released,  gathering together in high quality all the remaining archive prints from her appearances as a model in Janus 13,  Janus 21 ,  Janus 29 and Janus 38 .

janus38Bphoto025 janus38Bphoto027

The Chair - Janus 35

21-year-old Joanna received a caning in her one and only Janus appearance in Janus 35. She featured in the photo fantasy  ‘The Chair’  and also gave an interview about her real life experiences of corporal punishment in the same issue. ‘The Chair’  is a delightfully simple scenario featuring just Joanna,  the chair and the cane. She is caned in every conceivable position across this single piece of furniture. Only a few words accompany this photo fantasy –  ‘The Chair is not for sitting on – well,  not for the moment anyway…’

More photos can be found here:

Janus 35 can be downloaded here:

janus35Bphoto005 janus35Bphoto008 janus35Bphoto014

Dealing with Dowling – Janus 143

Working for a large investment bank,  Nikki Dowling is on the verge of making a disastrous financial error that would cost her employer millions of pounds. Her manager intervenes and saves the day but Nikki knows there will be a price to pay for her carelessness. Considering Janus 143 was published over ten years ago it’s amazing how prophetic this story has proved to be. Perhaps if banks had formally introduced these severe disciplinary measures then…well who knows!

Janus 143 can be downloaded here:

More photos can be found here:

IMG_0019 IMGb_0015 IMGe_0012

An Elegant Caning – Janus 12

Janus 12 features a charming,  simple set of black and white photos of a  ‘schoolgirl’  caning. The irresistible tomboy (who is not named as photo fantasies hadn’t yet started in the magazine) can also be seen in two Roue videos –  ‘4 O’clock Report’  and  ‘The Rebel at St Angela’s’. These beautifully lit photographs perfectly capture the build up,  administration and aftermath of a caning.

Janus 12 can be downloaded here:

More photos from this set can be seen here:

janus12photo001 janus12photo006janus12photo008

Tracy Wilkes - Janus 27

A caning for Tracy Wilkes in Janus 27.

Cecil Brimpton was perturbed. It wasn’t an unusual state of affairs as far as he was concerned,  because anything that interrupted the ‘oiled-bearing’  efficiency of his tiny company was an anathema to him. It was a situation that he faced a dozen times a day,  not that he panicked you understand. The problem this time though was the most serious he’d had to cope with for over six months. Six months of Tracy Wilkes as his secretary. Naturally it wasn’t a coincidence that he’d now received five letters complaining that orders had not been received. In all five cases the customers had enclosed cash with their orders and it seemed to Cecil Brimpton that it was beyond the realms of probability that the post office had lost all five letters. The answer was obvious. Miss Wilkes had a lot of explaining to do.

Cecil Brimpton reached for the intercom line on his telephone.

‘Miss Wilkes,  come to my office!’  he barked  ‘and bring your ledgers and cash book with you!’

Tracy was petrified,  mortified. He knew. Almost in tears she knocked on the office door…

Janus 27 is available to download here:

More photos from this set can be viewed here:

janus27Aphoto001 janus27Aphoto011 janus27Aphoto016

Traffic School - Februs 6

Februs 6 saw Maisie Taylor and Anne Jenkins attend  ‘Traffic School’  as an alternative to being fined and collecting points on their driving licences. The course leader,  Mr Martin,  takes a no nonsense approach with the young women sent to his classes – spanking and more severe forms of corporal punishment are remedial options available to him. Girls who fail to participate fully in the programme will learn their lesson the hard way. Although they don’t know it yet,  both Maisie and Anne will be heading home with sore bottoms this evening…

More free photos can be downloaded here:

Februs 6 can be downloaded here:

Februs 6 Spanking Photos _0005 Februs 6 Spanking Photos _0011 Februs 6 Spanking Photos _0017

Keith’s Girl Friday

Samantha Woodley In Keith’s Girl Friday

Keith Jones’  new Girl Friday,  Samantha Woodley is a very naughty personal assistant in three scintillating vignettes. See her bent over a bar stool and walloped pink,  turned over Keith’s knee for a panty and bare bottom warming with hand and paddle,  and finally,  for a serious infraction,  Samantha Woodley receives her first ever caning! Filled with hard,  sustained over the knee spanking,  with terrific reactions to match,  but Keith’s Girl Friday is also flirtatious,  fun and absolutely,  positively guaranteed to make you feel good about being into spanking!