Six Of The Very Best

The other day I told you about this years upcoming interview with Dana Specht where we will be conducting the topic,  six of the best. The concept is simple,  Dana will cover many questions such as six of her best videos,  six of her best bottoms to spank,  six of the best bottoms that should be spanked,  perhaps six of her best places to visit,  and so on and so on. We didn’t get a lot of feedback the first go around,  so we will try something different this time. Dana gets to see all of the answers so perhaps if I put the survey back up then we can find more topics to choose six of the best from. Maybe six of the best questions? The survey is below,  and here are some ideas for you.

Perhaps you envision the babysitter who is looking after you?


Or how about the strict mom about to cook some bottoms with her wooden spoon?


Maybe Aunty Dana is about to give you a bedtime spanking with her hairbrush?


Or is she the next door neighbor who is going to paddle your behind for being naughty?


1 comment to Six Of The Very Best

  • I know that Miss Dana is the best in the business and knows all the things about how to discipline. that was great filling that out with her in mind as the spanker. I mean if I could pick one and wanted a first rate spanking, she is where to go.