Dear Brat

It is a pity that there was no spanking in the film,  I’m sure those hands could have done some damage.


Over on my main site you can find a new parody version of The Saturday Gazette featuring seven unique pics from various settings. THE SATURDAY GAZETTE.

Also,  the vintage F/M folder now has 42 pics in it and more get added as I go along. As this isn’t my forte these pics won’t be posted on any of my sites,  but as many people have requested them I created a folder for them that can be accessed through THIS LINK


Tired Of Spankings?

Of course you aren’t!! Just as well I have hundreds of rare spanking pics to share with you all,  and each set are in their own respective folders. Try them out,  whenever I post something new on my main site it generally hasn’t been seen before.

One For The Naughty Boys

Update: All pics are now hosted on my Google drive,  so if you want them then leave your email address on one of the surveys and you will have access to all files in one shot.

Exactly one year ago today I offered a small collection of vintage F/M OTK pics (LINK HERE) for the people who like those type of pics. On my recent survey 1 in 6 readers preferred F/M pics but I never post any to this site. When I collect my vintage finds I will swipe F/M ones if they hold an interest to my readers.

In a nutshell,  the survey’s I do drive traffic to this site due to them being hosted on Google. More traffic equals more hits which in turn benefits you all as I get to keep paying for subscriptions to bring you the pics that I find. So, if you want the collection of 20 F/M pics shown below, just fill out one of these two F/M related survey’s listed below, leave your email address and I will send them to you in a ZIP file. If you missed the first set above, the OTK set, you will have to shoot me an email at in order to get them.

It is a rare opportunity because this isn’t my forte. In fact if you have ever read all of my stories you will see that only one contains an F/M,  a young lad getting spanked by his girlfriend and then by her mom (STORY LINK)




In the collection above you get a young man getting a birthday spanking from an unknown woman,  either a family member or a neighbor. A student paddling a teacher and then getting it himself,  a variety of paddling pics from either teachers or students or sorority girls, a broken down sheet from a 1933 magazine and an initiation.

The Top Ten Of 2012

Here are the top ten posts of 2012 by number of visitors,  just in case you missed anything.

1) Birthday Spankings On Jeans

Six jean covered bottoms getting a good birthday spanking.

2) Ebony Spanking

Six lovely ladies,  mostly vintage,  getting some otk bare bottom treatment.

3) Sally Starr

I got this one wrong,  it turns out it was Maxine Cantway getting a spanking.

4) This Week On Janus

Ten exclusive Janus spanking pics. Just a note,  all Janus pics that appear on this site are exclusive as provided by Janus.

5) Spanking Comics

Half a dozen spanking cartoons from years gone by.

6) Asian Schoolgirl Spanked

Five pics of a naughty schoolgirl getting a bare bottom spanking.

7) Schoolgirl Samantha Woodley

America’s spanking sweetheart is getting a bare bottom spanking.

8) Mother And Daughter

A vintage otk spanking starting out on the panties.

9) Spanked Over Jeans

A random mix of six spankings over jeans,  three of them are otk.

10) Tanya Foxx Spanked On Her Panties

That wonderful Tanya Foxx getting spanked on her silky panties.

El Padre De La Novia

Elizabeth Taylor and Spencer Tracey.


All Hallows’ Eve

As it is Halloween I thought I would put together a few Halloween spanking pics for you. Everything seems fairly staged,  though at least two of them I think got a swat 😉


Sally Starr

We all know about the spanking pics of Sally Starr dishing out a spanking in The Sweetheart Of Sigma Chi,  well here is one of her getting spanked by Robert Agnew as a promo? for “The woman racket”. Something for the researchers to get to work on.

Update: I don’t believe in mislabeling spanking pics and I have been informed that I have done so here,  the spanking couple are Grant Withers and Maxine Cantway.

Let’s Get Started

Here we go with the first post for the new site. I still have a ton of work to do on the site, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t post in between. I’m going to start you off with 4 pics from the movie “The ups and downs of a Handyman”. Here we have one of Benny Hill’s men dishing out a couple of spankings 😉