Clare Fonda

Clare Fonda Productions wasn’t really on the map though until Clare, at the advice of a mentor, began putting herself out there with other producers such as Chelsea Pfeiffer and Eve Howard who hired her for “Good Cop, Bad Cop”. These shoots got her in the spanko public eye and helped her make great friends. Around this time the comapny mounted three websites and Clare now is in a position where she can work full time out of her apartment.

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  • Terri Purcell

    I was only ever spanked once in my life, I was 15 and my next door neighbor saw me skipping school. As soon as I came home she was in like a flash to tell my mother. What happened was just as your picture shows not only was I spanked but I was spanked in front of her. That was 30 years ago I’m now 46 married moved on with own kids but my next door neighbor is still there but even last month she reminded me when I met her. Oh the shame of it