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Some days ago I said that there was one old spanking movie from Shadowlane that I had not yet seen and that I needed to renew my HOT MOVIES subscription so that I could watch it. Well that is exactly what I did,  paid my $20 for 200 minutes,  watched the portions of the movie below that I wanted to see and now I still have two and a half hours remaining time to watch whatever the hell I want.

That’s how it works by the way,  if there are only portions of the video that you want to see then your minutes only get charged for the time you actually use. So for example,  I watched about half of the movie above and therefore only 25 or so minutes were deducted from my 200 minutes. I can even set my start point halfway through,  or watch 30 seconds and then scroll the bar to another spot.

I’ve long felt that this is the future of watching spanking movies,  and I know that not every producer wants Hot Movies to sell their content for them,  but there are enough that there are literally hundreds of spanking titles available. There are some examples below.

Shadow Lane:

They don’t have every single movie up yet,  but as close to it as you can find. This is why I personally signed up in the first place to be honest. I’m a big fan of the way that Shadow Lane makes its films,  always have been. In fact I would go as far as to say that their vision is what helped me with my personal journey in this lifestyle when I moved to America. Instead of rifling through put away DVD’s,  I simply log in to Hot Movies and watch the scenes that I want to watch. Just click any pic below to check it out.


Real Spankings:

I believe that every full length film that Real Spankings made is on this site. I also believe that the biggest selling spanking film on Hot Movies is also on here,  and if you guys love the strap then you might well cry with joy at this one. The film is SOUTHERN STRAPPINGS 2. You won’t be the only one crying,  it’s not unusual for the girls to cry in this film either. Again,  just click a picture and it takes you to that video page.


Now how much have I personally spent on Hot Movies? Quite honestly,  I couldn’t tell you,  but they have over 200,000 adult movies covering every fetish you can imagine,  so I have spent accordingly,  lol. I’ve probably purchased minutes 15-20 times so far over the years and I don’t regret a single penny,  and why is that? It is because if I don’t really like something,  it might cost me 5 minutes in stream time,  but that is far better than paying $30 for a DVD that it turns out I might not like. Plus I also get to watch the scenes that I enjoy and skip over the scenes that don’t appeal to me.

Spanking Stories

Over on my main site I have posted the survey results where I asked people what they liked in a spanking story. If you would like to offer your own thoughts on this,  the active survey is RIGHT HERE.

Various Spanking Movies

A top notch site that allows you to watch a plethora of spanking movies. I am a frequent buyer from this site myself,  mainly because you can watch a 5 minute segment from a film and cut out all the fluff. Well worth a watch.


All Videos At Their Lowest


It isn’t just this movie that I put on sale at my CLIPS 4 SALE STORE,  I slashed the prices on everything as low as the website will let me set them. This one hour spanking video is on sale for $15.99.

Everyone is as low as Clips4sale will allow me to sell them.


Just click on any link to go to the store and peruse the videos.

Here is the description of the movie and a ton of pictures from each film,  plus the spanking trailer.

Here are my top two best selling videos presented together as a one hour film. These are traditional spanking films,  nothing brutal,  just good sound over the knee spankings given to the girl next door. AMBER GREY – SCHOOLGIRL BLUES…. Here is the complete 25 minute movie. Naughty Amber Grey has returned to see Richard Windsor. In this film Amber is given a long otk spanking on the seat of her white nylon panties by hand and hairbrush. She then receives an otk spanking on her panties and bare bottom before finally getting a dose of the leather belt on her bare bottom. Lots of scolding from an Englishman to a sweet Texas cutie. This is a traditional form of spanking,  an old fashioned over the knee spanking given by hand and hairbrush and then finally the belt. The type of spankings that naughty girls across the country get. If you like your spankings the old fashioned way then you will love this,  Amber is a little squirmer with the cutest bubble butt. …. THE CHEEKY BABYSITTER …. This naughty babysitter finds herself getting a birthday spanking on the seat of her white nylon panties,  but that is just the start of her troubles. Clearly curious about the threat of a further spanking she dons her silky nightie, and gets spanked once more,  this time on the bare bottom after her panties are soundly warmed. Will she be curious about the belt though? A third spanking ensues which is followed by a dose of the belt…. Lot’s of otk action,  cute white nylon panties,  and red bottoms all around.

Purchase on CLIPS4SALE

Purchase on CLIPS4SALE

Happy Spanksgiving

Here is a little gift for you from my video collection,  AMBER GREY – THE FAKE RAT. It is just my way of saying thanks to everyone who comes to this site to look at the pictures.

16 For Rotation

Spent the last hour or so putting together a nice plate of spam to join my gallery rotations. These are the latest spanking uploads from Shadowlane to Hot Movies. Thousands of spanking films along with every other fetish imaginable. Just review the site and if you are like me,  you will be putting down twenty bucks every now and then for an amazing collection of films.

Dr Handley’s Private Practice (Part Two) – Free Spanking Photos

Exhibit A in the Case against Dr M J Handley (cont.):

Dr Handley removes a strap from his inside jacket pocket. Without warning this five-tongued strap is lashed across the girl’s bare bottom. There are eight hard lashes as Dr Handley holds the girl steady,  his left hand on her waist. The stripe marks are clearly visible across Miss Blanchard’s buttocks.

Following this Miss Blanchard is stretched out face down over the doctor’s lap. Dr Handley’s hand has now started to make contact with her bottom. Spanking continues until Miss Blanchard’s rear has been extensively marked up both with the strap and the palm of Dr Handley’s hand before,  finally,  the Doctor applies cold cream to the affected area.

More photos can be found here:

Photos from Part One can be found here:

Janus 31 can be downloaded here:

IMG_0001 IMG_0005 IMG_0008

Taking it Lying Down – Janus 127

It was all very well being the best ballet dancer in a sleepy country town,  but Angie was uncomfortably aware of the limitations to her career. Moving to the Big City for tuition by one of the past masters of the noble dance had been the only way forward. Things proved to be tougher than expected. In the first place,  18-year-old Angie was the youngest in a class of eight girls. She was also the prettiest. Which of these two things was the one causing the problem she wasn’t too sure. After all,  as far as she could see,  she was the best dancer in the group.

The Great Man always singled her out for criticism and Angie invariably felt that it was unjustified. Angie thought that he was like her first headmaster in that he totally dominated his protégées. The last session had been particularly bad. It appeared she couldn’t do anything right. The Great Man told her that she would be required to start her extra-curricular training in one hour. Angie was to report to the therapy room for body-toning discipline.

She had sixty minutes to compose herself before it was time to report. She couldn’t even begin to imagine what would happen then…

More photos can be found here:

Janus 127 can be downloaded here:

J127B J127B_0005 J127B_0007

Janus 154 – Dress Code

Alan  ‘Badger’  Bartholomew was incensed. The college tutor in science had strong principles and points of view,  and was rarely afraid of expressing them. He was also a rugby coach,  ex-heavyweight boxer,  and an enthusiastic disciplinarian.

Already Badger was acquiring a reputation as a good man to call on in a crisis. He’d successfully dealt with no less than three college girls,  members of a triumphant athletics team whose success had sent them off the rails (Janus 142). Then there had been the two females he’d punished in separate sessions on the same day –  one,  a pretty pop star with an attitude problem,  in the morning:  then the other,  an aloof but deserving civil servant,  in the afternoon (Janus 146). His most recent outing, so to speak,  had come when a despairing college head called on him to bring a mutinous girl student into line (Janus 150).

Due to past successes in the field,  he’d now been given carte blanche by a consortium of local college head teachers to roam at will applying discipline where he thought fit,  and in Lois Keane he found his latest focus. She had strolled into school that morning wearing anorak,  pants,  garish T-shirt and –  perhaps most offensive of all –  trainers. Lois was ready to refashion the world in her own haphazard image,  cock snooks at the teachers and police,  make her own rules and to hell with the rest.

Such attitudes did not sit well with Badger Bartholomew’s philosophy…

More photos can be found here:

Janus 154 can be downloaded here:

Janus 154A_0001 Janus 154A_0005 Janus 154A_0006

Februs 19 - Permanent Possibility of Sensation

‘What happened last time you disappointed me,  Muriel?’

I swallowed hard,  I stood demurely to attention,  I met his eyes with mine and whispered,  ‘You spanked me.’

‘I  “spanked you”. Bit of an understatement,  I’d have thought. I seem to remember tanning your backside so hard and so long that you couldn’t wear underclothes for two days and my hand was too numb to hold the cutlery at dinner.’

I remember: my body remembered even as he described the event. I forgot the cause of his displeasure,  but I definitely recalled the sound of his palm striking my naked bottom;  the layers of feelings that went beyond pain,  into numbness and back into agony as he slapped remorselessly at my juddering flesh;  the scent of warm skin that built up and pervaded the room.

Standing there before him,  once more inspiring his wrath,  I felt an ominous warm expansion at the top of my legs,  a tautening of my nipples,  a cool shiver down my spine. He said it would be even harsher if I angered him again…

A selection of more unpublished photos can be found here:

Februs 19 can be downloaded here:

IMGF19_0001 IMGF19_0003 IMGF19_0008