Ellee’s Nylon Panties

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If there was a dream that I could have had,  it was one of a cute girl dressed in a schoolgirl out wearing white nylon panties.


Of course with her saddle shoes on,  ellee looked picture perfect. Do naughty schoolgirls really get the paddle on the seat of their white nylon panties?


There are also times where a more serious spanking is in order,  and here I am leading ellee towards one.


A good vigorous hand spanking should warm this little minx up before the hairbrush.


And now the main event,  poor little ellee getting the wooden hairbrush on the thin covering of her panties.


No Boys Allowed

But schoolgirls are more than welcome!! This is a good idea for the female spanks female spanking events at spanking parties,  one ruler and one teacher and lots of naughty schoolgirls.


Retro Cut

A nice Rockabilly spanking!!



One Big Whack

I have been busy preparing free stuff for you. It is something that I love to do,  just give spanking material away. One of those items is the 23 MINUTE PANTY SPANKING VIDEO. This is a compilation of clips from my own videos that I put together and it is yours for free.

Here is a PREVIEW CLIP of the spankings and if you want the whole 23 minutes then click THIS POST.

I also added 12 more pics to the vintage naughty boys folder on my Google drive. I don’t post these pictures anywhere,  they are solely for the audience that likes them. There are currently 54 pics in the folder,  mostly from the 40’s,  50’s and 60’s. If you want access to that folder then see THIS POST.

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Naughty Nina And Juicy Joanne

You can always find these 1980’s spanking pics across the Internet,  you just need a little time. Here is a magazine cover from 1982 for Velvet Talks. I wonder if they switched and spanked each other?


Preparing To Be Naughty

Seems like a fun party to attend!!


No Chance For A Swim

Not for this girl anyway. Once her spanking is complete the last thing that she will want to do is walk around in her bikini displaying her spanked bottom.


Someone Is In Trouble

The description on Slip Heaven is that Lesta has been showing her slip in public.


Quite a different reason for a spanking one feels,  however,  a spanking is what she got :)


If you want them you can still get the pics and video that I am giving away. The vintage set of F/M pics has over 40 pics now in it,  all from the 50’s and 60’s and not seen anywhere. CLICK HERE for details.


And just link the set above,  the number of requests that I received for the free 23 minute panty spanking video was insane. It features 5 spankings from my personal collection,  totally free,  and you can get that one by CLICKING HERE.


Panty Clad Bottoms Getting Spanked

It is by far the most popular search term on all of my sites,  this one in particular. At the last count I believe it was 25,000 times a variation of the words spanking and panties was used which landed people on my site. So it is my turn to give back. If you follow me regularly you will know that I give videos away all the time,  and this time I have created one SOLELY for the lovers of spankings given over the panties. For me it all goes back to the VERY FIRST SPANKING I GAVE,  back in 1979,  where my girlfriend at the time wore white nylon panties,  and because I have stated this many times there have been a lot of girls who have worn them as a way of making me happy. They are happy to get the spanking so why shouldn’t I be happy as well?

So to answer a question that was once posted about me on Twitter,  yes,  I very much like to hear about the experiences of others because it has long been a personal love of mine as well.

The video is 23 minutes long and features the panty spanking sections from the following films shown in the pics below. If this is something that you want then go to THE PANTY SPANKING SURVEY,  fill it out and I will send you the link to the video free of charge. It is the most popular search on this site so I am sure many of you will want it as well.

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Dear Brat

It is a pity that there was no spanking in the film,  I’m sure those hands could have done some damage.


Over on my main site you can find a new parody version of The Saturday Gazette featuring seven unique pics from various settings. THE SATURDAY GAZETTE.

Also,  the vintage F/M folder now has 42 pics in it and more get added as I go along. As this isn’t my forte these pics won’t be posted on any of my sites,  but as many people have requested them I created a folder for them that can be accessed through THIS LINK


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