Some Spanking Comics

Realistically,  if you like spanking cartoons and you want to see pretty much the entire collection of spanking cartoons on the Internet then I would pay The Chicago Spanking Review a visit.

Before the comics though,  I also want to point you to the projects that I am doing. As you know,  part of my role in the spanking world is to come up with the unique and new. I search long and hard and will even purchase spanking material if I think it is worth it because my goal is to bring you new stuff,  even if it is vintage I want it to be new and unseen. So on the main site,  and this is just this week alone 🙂

Finally,  a clear pic of Mary Pickford getting spanked.

I also rounded up some new Kiss Me Kate spanking pics.

Every Sunday is a new Sorority Spanking Pic from my collection. Nearly all are unseen before.

And to top it all off,  every Wednesday I bring you the Windsor Classic and again,  these are all unique vintage spanking pics.


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