Molly Gets A Spanking – Exclusive Janus Pics

This week on Janus:

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He knocks on the door;  she opens it. He shows her the card bearing both their signatures,  stating that he will call at this time and place,  and she acknowledges it by stepping back and inviting him to enter. He declines her offers of refreshment or a seat and is keen to address the matter to hand immediately…

The first 3 pics are from Februs 40,  click this link for 8 more exclusive pics from this set featuring Molly Pankhurst.


These three pics are exclusive pics from Janus 117,  click this link for 6 more pics from this set.


And finally for this update,  exclusive spanking pics from Februs 31. Click this link for 8 more wonderful pics from this set.


This Week on Dana Specht:

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Here is Dana’s update for this week: 

I have launched a new video with sarah Gregory titled “Detention Discipline”.

My photos this week are from “Discipline Therapy” and I’m sure will encourage you to buy the video.

My video clip is from “Hot Lunch part 3” where Sarah and I take Lee to task rather than take him to lunch.

Have a wonderful summer my naughties,  and I’ll see you in September. ‘Til then – behave! xx

This week on Amateur Spankings:

Here is the update from my friend over at Amateur Spankings along with 4 pics from their latest update.

“Marilyn Interview”

Marilyn is a 21-year-old Texas blonde who is a huge Stevie Nicks fan! Hear Marilyn talk about being paddled by her father in real-life. Then she gets her sexy bottom spanked on-camera.


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