Silky And Sexy

Silk and ruffles, quite sexy.

Very Little Protection

In fact if she keeps on spanking there, the panties offer no protection.

Red, White And Blue

Could be American, could be British, could even be French. Either way, spanked bottoms abound 🙂

Everyone Loves Sheer Panties

No spanking seen, but I’m sure your imaginations are clicking.

White Panties And A Red Bottom

The contrast is striking.

Posed Spankings

Stuff to dream of, but probably no spanking.

Would You?

I know I certainly would 🙂

Zero Protection

Hardly worth having any panties on at all.

The Hairbrush Stings

As many naughty girls the world over know, a thin pair of panties offer no protection for a hairbrush spanking.

Even More Sheer White Panties

For your viewing pleasure, which of these girls would you take over your knee and spank?

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