Red, White And Blue

Could be American, could be British, could even be French. Either way, spanked bottoms abound 🙂

Red Panties, Red Bottom

Like a flag to a bull, never wear red panties for a spanking.

Panties From Different Eras

Here is a random mix of various panty spanking pics today, no theme to speak of, just girls getting their seats warmed in different decades.

Christmas Panty Spanking Time

Okay, so I wasn’t able to round up to many pics of Santa warming some panties, but I found 4 and I filled it out with a couple of spankable bottoms.

Red Panties Ready For A Red Bottom

Santa Claus has arrived to spank the girl on the naughty list. There will be a bumper post on Christmas day.

Spankable Bottoms

Sometimes all you need is your imagination.

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