Debbie Does Dallas spanking clip

From way back in 1978, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Debbie Does Dallas. Here is the spanking clip from that porn film courtesy of course of debseddy. If you can’t get it to work head over to and watch it there as it seems to be working over there!!

Link: Duece

Richard Windsor.

2 comments to Debbie Does Dallas spanking clip

  • PaulH666

    For your Debbie Does Dallas video, I can not get it to play. Either on this web blog or the Sevenload web page.

    I have no trouble getting the other two videos on your Sevenload page to play.

    The buffering just sticks at 0, and it never buffers. I waited 6 minutes and gave up. The video might have a problem.

    Tan Her Hide Blog

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