No Chance For A Swim

Not for this girl anyway. Once her spanking is complete the last thing that she will want to do is walk around in her bikini displaying her spanked bottom.


Birthday Spankings Galore

It doesn’t matter how old you are,  you are never too old for a birthday spanking.



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Birthday Spankings Don’t Really Happen

That would probably be the answer that a lot of people would give,  but going by the survey’s so far there have been over 700 responses that would suggest otherwise. Friends,  boyfriends,  girlfriend’s,  husbands and wives all give and get them,  that’s of course if the birthday person is lucky. When it is a family member then things take a different turn,  no matter how old the birthday boy or girl is. It isn’t unusual at all for the mom or dad to take their mid 20’s son or daughter over their knee one more time. When returning home it hasn’t been unusual for the birthday girl to have her skirt flipped up or her pants pulled down for her family member to tan her panty clad bottom on her birthday,  or even worse and get it on the bare bottom. Lots of different people have handed them out,  family friends,  girlfriend’s moms,  neighbors,  you name it,  they have spanked it. Did it ever happen to you?

Getting Birthday Spanks

Giving Birthday Spanks

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Birthday Spanks

Just a reminder that you are never too old for a spanking,  that’s why we have birthday spankings after all.

How To Give A Birthday Spanking

There are many different ways to give a birthday spanking and here are a few options for you. At the bottom there is a fun survey for those of you who like to do them. Previous surveys have received hundreds of responses so have fun with it,  even if it is imagined.

Don’t forget that I am also adding pages for the girls that I play with. Amber Grey has just been added along with Amber Pixie Wells and Ellee Evergood.

1) A birthday spanking on the skirt/pants. Probably the most realistic and is likely to happen anywhere.


2) Ah,  those summertime spankings. Cute little shorts up high for a nice spanking.


3) And now for pajama spankings. They can happen in the morning,  at nighttime or even worse,  the night before the birthday.

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4) It gets worse,  you can’t seriously spank a girl on her panties for her birthday,  can you?


5) Oh man,  seriously? A birthday spanking at a pool party?

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6) And now for the granddaddy of spankings,  a birthday spanking on the bare bottom.


Bikini Spanking

You are not safe anywhere from a spanking,  even at the beach.

Getting Birthday Spanks

Giving Birthday Spanks

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