Over My Knee Young Lady

Looks like we have 3 uncles and 3 boyfriends teaching their wayward charges how to behave with a sound bare bottom spanking.

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  • Anonymous

    These pictures are very lovely and nontheless sexy! I especially like the last two photos that look to be from the late 80's early
    90's…Pics 5 of 6 and 6 of 6. They're the Ones of the young lady who is wearing an adorable blue outfit getting an OTK bare bottom spanking by her uncle, and the other naughty girl who is wearing the black and white flowery top is being spanked by her boyfriend who has pinned her arm to the small of her back-. I love the leg kicking…Both girls have such round, supple, resilient bottoms as well as smooth, shapely long legs, and beautiful feminine feet 😉 They are a spankers dream come true. Any stern and loving male-myself included, would throughly covet an opportunity to pull them across their lap and spank the daylights out of them with a good hard hand spanking and a stinging hairbrush spanking…not to mention after their will is broken and they lie completly limp, as well as chastized yet very horney over the lap, one would come to a conclusion that the last thing to do would be to pasionatly ravish them. "Yum" Are these pictures from certain videos or another website? I'd love to know why they're being punished and what the cenerio is/was…Thanks!

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