100 Spanking Good F/M Pics

I’m going to be away for a week in England,  so while I am gone I have opened up the surveys again for those of you who want the super rare collection of vintage F/M spanking pics that I have stored online. Just keep in mind that I am attending my brother’s funeral,  so I will only get online once a day to approve the requests and that will be around 11pm UK time. It’s purely for titillation,  or wank material as someone once called it on Twitter. I don’t post the responses,  however I will use them in the interviews that I conduct with Female tops.

So if you want 100 pics just like this one,  just fill in one of the survey’s and you will get them. These will eventually make it online when people who have access to them start sharing them,  but right now you will be hard pressed to find any of them online. They are stored in my Google drive and I provide you with a link to them.

Your Story Thoughts

I’m running a poll right now with the hopes of getting at least a hundred response by early next week so that I can use the results in a post. The premise of the poll revolves around spanking stories/videos and whether a full spanking over the panties is acceptable.

If you wish to read the full post on my site you can do so by GOING HERE.

Story Ideas

I’m in the process of writing a new story and if you wish you could also take part. The ideas are noted below.

Below is a list of ideas that I have,  but it isn’t done and dusted. There are times where I read a story and it gives me an idea to write my own story,  so perhaps you have your own ideas for a spanking story that you would like me to tackle. A number of the stories that I have written were upon request which I turned into a story I shared with everyone. There are checkboxes in the form below and you can enter as many or as few as you want. Here is a synopsis of the ideas that I currently have for my new story.

Part 2 of a story already written:

  1. 3 Girls (Part 2) – A follow up to the story  “3 Girls“. This time it is Nicole’s turn for a spanking,  but she can’t wait until her birthday,  she wants to see Uncle Jim before that,  and alone.
  2. Laura’s Mom Gets Spanked – A follow up to  “Birthday Spanking For Laura“. At the end of the last episode Brian dropped a hint that Laura’s mom might also get spanked,  does he follow through with the threat? You can bet your bottom dollar that if he does then Laura will be getting a maternal spanking that evening as well.
  3. Jane Returns With A Friend – A follow up story to  “Jane’s Birthday Spanking“. I’m not going to lie,  this is my favorite type of story to write,  and if I went with my choice alone then this would be the next story. Jane returns to summer camp the following year and once again gets to live with the camp director,  only this time she has brought a friend. Double birthday spankings,  girls spank each other,  but they pull a prank too far and a double bedtime spanking is due,  only this time for real.

New Story Ideas:

  1. Life In A Sorority – I already started one a couple of years ago under the title  “Bainbridge House“,  but I didn’t come close to making it presentable. I’m thinking sorority initiations,  sisterly spankings and housemother spankings.
  2. A Country Store – I’ve read several stories in this vain and wouldn’t mind putting my spin on it. Like any of my stories,  if you wanted to contribute you could name characters,  offer ideas,  pretty much anything that you wanted. I do like the idea religious paddles for Christian households.
  3. School Roleplay – This would be the hardest one to write because the idea has only just come to me. However,  the thought that I have is that one of the women in the neighborhood finds out that one of her neighbors goes to spanking parties and she is intrigued by the idea,  so much so that she is tempted to have a trip down memory lane.

Your Own Story Idea:

Perhaps you have your own idea in mind for a story that you would like me to tackle. If not,  you could also use this space to add to one of the stories above. Someone you know visiting the country store? Sending a deserving bottom to Bainbridge house. There is no requirement here,  but if you are like me there are certain types of stories that do it for you,  so this would be your chance to request something. It might not happen right away,  but it would be in the tank for use down the line. And finally of course,  if you don’t wish to use the form you can always leave a comment or write to me at richardwindsor@richardwindsor.com

Check as many boxes as you wish in the form below,  I do intend to get around to them all eventually.

Missing Data

I’m in Vegas right now and I was in the process of copying the data off of my form for Dana and I noticed an issue,  the email address field on the form wasn’t populating. Now it isn’t crucial as the data was saved,  however the email addresses weren’t saved so that means the last 25 or so people to submit a form didn’t receive the promised photos.

So if you were one of those people,  please be kind enough to fill the form in again and I will send you the link to the 100 rare,  unseen F/M spanking photos. These are all vintage photos and they are all unique.

Every year Dana Specht and I conduct an Interview,  this year will be the 9th,  as in our 9th annual video interview. The most favorite fantasy from the Dana survey by far is getting spanked by the woman next door,  so in preparation of interview number 9,  we will focus a lot on the woman next door dishing out spankings. So if you wish to contribute you can do so here. A sampling is below of Dana spanking her very own neighbor. Dana gets to see these contributions and many times we bring up the submitted topics for discussion. If you leave your email address I will send you the link to the 100 spanking photos.

Big Sister vlcsnap-2015-04-13-21h38m39s40 (1)

Clipboard01 Clipboard01

My Spanking Stories

The Free Pics And Video

These items are only for the connoisseurs of two select areas,  but these are the freebies that I give to people who either like F/M spanking pics or Panty Spankings. I’m in the process of putting together another huge freebie perhaps for Thanksgiving.

This year Dana Specht and I will be conducting our seventh interview and because it is so popular,  this year we will focus a lot on what is clearly the favorite fantasy among the results already received,  a spanking from the woman next door. Each year I get you guys to fill these out for Dana to read and we use the answers in every video that we make. So in order to get the collection of unseen vintage F/M spanking pics shown in pics below,  just fill out one of the two surveys below. That helps us and in turn you get 64 spanking pics that you won’t see anywhere else. Just be sure to leave a valid email address.

Clipboard01 zi Clipboard01

Now for the 23 minute panty spanking video,  where I spank a collection of girls on the seat of their panties,  just fill out the other survey below. This one is more for my enjoyment as I enjoy reading the answers of those who enjoy sharing them. In return you get 23 minutes of my hand meeting nylon clad bottoms 🙂 Click the link below for a two minute preview of what you will get and there are also some screencaps for you.

vlcsnap-2011-10-29-09h44m58s42 vlcsnap-2011-10-29-11h13m25s0 vlcsnap-2011-10-29-14h50m39s204 vlcsnap-2011-10-29-18h03m59s229 vlcsnap-2012-05-26-18h24m13s199

Other Top Tens

Over on my main site I posted the TOP TEN POSTS OF 2014. Here are the top tens for other categories on the main site.


Getting Birthday Spanks

Almost twice as many as any other survey,  this is the most popular one by far. Someone even said that they got more than 1000 spanks,  now that is some birthday spanking 🙂

A Panty Spanking Survey

Perhaps because there are a lot of pics relating to this on my sites,  it remains as popular as ever.

Spanking With Dana Specht

Seems a lot of boys and girls have envisioned a spanking from Dana,  from the peeping Tom to the mischievous schoolgirl.

Good Neighbors

Fantasies run amok with this one,  I guess a lot of men and women fantasize about their neighbors.

Giving Birthday Spanks

Sometimes it is better to give than receive.

And rounding out the top ten:

























Retiring The Surveys

At the end of the year I am going to be retiring the surveys. They will be archived as they draw a lot of traffic to my sites,  but this will be the last time I will share them as I need to update my main site and remove a category. So if you want one final attempt to share your fantasy then go right ahead.


Video Giveaway

It is the season of giving after all and I have a nice little giveaway to thank you all for your support this year. Now when I say that it is a totally free giveaway let me just state,  I will require just minimal assistance from the people who want the online video.

Coming up I am going to flagrantly steal an idea from Pixie and I am going to do my own question time video,  so I will need some questions of course. I’m not going to do the video until it snows because I want to sit out in a park in the open air while it is snowing. As winter is upon us though it won’t take long at all for the snow to come.

What I am offering to you is this. For the Christmas period,  from December 25th until January the 1st,  I will make available online,  totally free of charge,  the following 24 minute video. TEN – THE SASSY PA


If you download it from Google Drive it will be yours to own,  but after Jan 1st it will not be able to be viewed online. Videos are easy to download from the drive and I will tell you how to when I make the video live. Like I said,  it is free for anyone to have.

Now what I would like in return is your help with the question time video that I am planning. Below there is a link where I have a simple form,  “Ask me a question”. You can ask me anything that you want,  whether it is spanking related or vanilla related and I will pick the best questions for a nice fun video. Alternatively,  if you don’t want to ask me a question,  just quickly fill out one of the birthday surveys and leave your email address on there instead.

That’s all there is to it!! I’m accepting questions and responses already,  but the video won’t be published live,  for free,  until Christmas Eve around 10pm EST. So if you want a free 24 minute video of me spanking the delightful Ten with my hand and vintage hairbrush,  then take the simple step of obtaining it below,  it will take you less than a minute.

Remember,  the free video will only be online until Jan the 1st,  however,  I will tell you how you can download it to your hard drive and own it for good.




All The Surveys

Perhaps this is this site’s most popular feature with nearly 2,000 responses so far. This is double barreled for me,  firstly they bring me a good amount of traffic which equates to extra revenue from my affiliate programs,  and they also let people let go for a bit. All surveys are anonymous which is perhaps why people are able to let go. You will find the results of each one throughout this blog.

Getting A Birthday Spanking.

Did you ever get a birthday spanking at any point in your life? If you did,  who spanked you and how did they do it?

View Survey…..

Giving A Birthday Spanking

This survey is for you to tell us about a birthday spanking you have given.

View Survey…..

Fantasy Birthday Spanking.

Did you not get or give one, ever? No problem, you can always explore your fantasy side.

View Survey…..

Dana Specht Spanks

Every year Dana Specht and I conduct an interview and we seek user submitted questions and ideas. Have you ever imagined a spanking by Dana? Be careful who you nominate for a spanking as all submissions are passed on to Dana so she will know 😉

View Survey…

A Panty Spanking Survey

25,000 people have searched for panty spankings on my sites over the last 5 years. Do you have a panty spanking fetish? If so then this survey is for you. Your first spanking over panties,  first panty spanking given,  favorite types of panties,  do you remember your first spanking over nylon panties. Silk,  satin,  nylon,  cotton,  you name it,  it is a panty spanker’s paradise.

View Survey…..

Bedtime Spankings

What are your thoughts on bedtime spankings? Should panties be worn? Your thoughts on bedtime spankings.

View Survey…..

Create A Fantasy 1

You pick a male spanker,  it could be yourself,  and you pick a female spankee,  either from the list or yourself. Then describe what happens.

View Survey…..

Create A Fantasy 2

Same as above only this time it is the female spanker’s turn. Pick from the list or someone you know,  then pick who is getting spanked. What they are spanked with and how.

View Survey…..

Favorite Fantasy

What is your favorite fantasy scene? Use your creative mind to tell us what triggers work for you. I have given examples but feel free to create your own. As an example “Who is doing the spanking” could be ‘My Father’, or for “Who is the spankee” the answer could be ‘I am the daughter’ etc. The survey is anonymous so feel free to be as creative as you want, when you picture the ideal scene, what does it for you?

View Survey…..

Good Neighbors

Do you have a neighbor that makes you think of spanking,  either now or in the past? Is there someone who needs to go over your knee,  or perhaps you need to go over theirs? Think about that person as you answer these questions.
View Survey…..