Interview Series With Ophelia De Havilland

Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2

Interview Part 3

Interview Part 4

Interview Part 5

So there is a form down below if you want to share your thoughts,  what would YOU like to hear the next time that Ophelia and I sit down together? In fact,  if you put your suggestion in the required box below,  I will give you free access to my video  THE CHEEKY BABYSITTER If you are a lover of spankings being delivered to the seat of a pair of WHITE NYLON PANTIES,  as I am,  then you will love the video.

Interview With Dana Specht

Last year I got a chance to sit down with the beautiful Dana Specht for a nice long interview. In a few weeks time Dana and I are going to be working on new, unique video, that is Dana’s brainchild. It is a great idea and more will come on it on my main site over the next few weeks. One thing we will be asking for though is reader submitted questions, so if you ever had a question for Dana, you can leave it here and we will include it in our next video. Anyway, please enjoy the interview and underneath you can click the pic of Dana to be taken to her site.