The Return of Mr Jardine (Part One) – Janus 39

Since we published our retrospective on Janus 39 last week,  we’ve received plenty of emails from readers who remember this issue in particular with a lot of affection. Wendy East was certainly one of the most popular models to grace the pages of Janus, but there is also a lot of love out there for Sarah Denton. Perhaps Monty summed things up best in his tweet:

J39 in my top five issues,  Wendy was wonderful but Sarah,  with her big bottom turned up over Sir’s knee,  also unforgettable

We agree! We’re delighted to publish some high quality scans of Sarah’s punishment from the surviving black and white prints. Sadly a lot less material exists from this classic shoot than we would wish. Ironically,  because it was the subject of an  ‘Encore Janus’  feature in Janus 143, the prints used to create that retrospective were lost or destroyed – what we wouldn’t give for a time machine!

Janus 39 can be downloaded here:

Janus 143 can be downloaded here:

Further photos can be found here:

A retrospective of Janus 39 can be found here:

janus39Aphoto003 janus39Aphoto006 janus39Aphoto009

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