This Years Interview

It is that time of year again where DANA SPECHT and I put together our annual interview. Now for those of you who don’t know,  every summer Dana goes home to be with her family and while she is away we pre-record an interview where each week she uploads sections to her website. Once that is done we then generally put it on spanking tube. I’m pretty amazed that so far we have done this five years running and we always do it on a Sunday night at the Boardwalk Badness Weekend when everyone is out on the cruise.


So in preparation of this year,  and being that we have done five so far,  we decided for number 6 we would do six of the best. It’s quite a simple concept and we have put together a small list to start,  but we also want to hear your thoughts and questions. If you don’t have a six of the best for Dana,  then maybe you have something that we can add as  “Six of the best random questions”. This is what we have so far… SIX OF THE BEST roles to play,  positions,  videos,  implements,  bottoms she has spanked,  verbal warnings,  presents received,  additional punishments. Is there a SIX OF THE BEST list that you can think of? Be as creative as you want. Either fill out the DANA SURVEY or simply enter your six of the best in the box below.

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