Birthday Spanks

The birthday spanking survey has had 170 responses so far,  and not surprisingly almost every respondent received a birthday spanking at some point. Next week I am going to share the comprehensive results with you. Everything will be broken down and you can read all about birthday spankings,  from the playful pats to the sound spanking,  from the family member to the neighbor next door. There is still time to add to it if you want to take part,  the survey is anonymous,  the only thing that will be shared is the data. CLICK FOR THE BIRTHDAY SPANKING SURVEY

Before I give you the pics for this week,  I have also started an email group where I am sending people panty spanking pics through their email. Many of these pics would never make one of my blogs but it is a shame to waste them. If you want in on this,  you don’t have to fill the survey out,   just simply leave your email address in the last section of the survey,  or leave it as a comment at the bottom of this post. PANTY SPANKING SURVEY I will also be putting together some videos for this email group from my own videos that I sell for free.


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