Free Video Coming

Next week I am going to upload a video to a file sharing network where anybody who takes part in helping me create a story will get a free video download. The video that I am giving away is this one,  my best selling video AMBER GREY – SCHOOLGIRL BLUES.


The video is 25 minutes long and you can read the description by following the link above. Now to get a free copy of the video it is really easy,  either leave a comment on one of these stories listed below and leave your email address,  or fill out the simple survey listed below where I will be using some of the answers to create a nice bumper birthday spanking story. The more people put in then the more I will have to use. The survey isn’t that important,  if you would rather take the alternate route then comment on one of my stories instead.

The purpose of the comments is simple,  the more comments a post gets then the more likely it is to get tagged by Google,  and in return you get a free video out of it via a download link. This particular site tends to get people filling out surveys for fun so I will give the people on this site that option. Even if they make it up they are very popular. So make your choice,  either comment on a story and leave your email address or fill out the survey below. The video download will be sent within the next two weeks,  more than likely next week but I will buy myself a little time in case something happens next week 🙂

If this proves successful I may continue to do things like this and give away all of my videos this year. I do make some money from them but that isn’t really that important to me.

Here are the stories you can comment on:

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