Tracy Wilkes - Janus 27

A caning for Tracy Wilkes in Janus 27.

Cecil Brimpton was perturbed. It wasn’t an unusual state of affairs as far as he was concerned,  because anything that interrupted the ‘oiled-bearing’  efficiency of his tiny company was an anathema to him. It was a situation that he faced a dozen times a day,  not that he panicked you understand. The problem this time though was the most serious he’d had to cope with for over six months. Six months of Tracy Wilkes as his secretary. Naturally it wasn’t a coincidence that he’d now received five letters complaining that orders had not been received. In all five cases the customers had enclosed cash with their orders and it seemed to Cecil Brimpton that it was beyond the realms of probability that the post office had lost all five letters. The answer was obvious. Miss Wilkes had a lot of explaining to do.

Cecil Brimpton reached for the intercom line on his telephone.

‘Miss Wilkes,  come to my office!’  he barked  ‘and bring your ledgers and cash book with you!’

Tracy was petrified,  mortified. He knew. Almost in tears she knocked on the office door…

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Traffic School - Februs 6

Februs 6 saw Maisie Taylor and Anne Jenkins attend  ‘Traffic School’  as an alternative to being fined and collecting points on their driving licences. The course leader,  Mr Martin,  takes a no nonsense approach with the young women sent to his classes – spanking and more severe forms of corporal punishment are remedial options available to him. Girls who fail to participate fully in the programme will learn their lesson the hard way. Although they don’t know it yet,  both Maisie and Anne will be heading home with sore bottoms this evening…

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Birthday Spanking Those Jean Covered Bottoms

One method of birthday spankings but not the only one. Were you that lucky or was it jeans down for you? :)

Getting Birthday Spanks

Giving Birthday Spanks


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Februs 35 – Fiona Bentworth

Fiona Bentworth and her prospective husband,  John Morgan,  have responded to a small add from a mature lady offering stress relief through corrective services. They have talked this through,  considered permutations and know exactly what they want to give and are prepared to gain. They sit apart from one another and wait. Mrs Masefield arrives. She is a stern looking woman,  dressed severely and unsmiling. She wastes no time.  ‘Come here girl,  and get what you deserve.’

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Bikini Spanking

You are not safe anywhere from a spanking,  even at the beach.

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Whenever Rocky Gordano got back from a tour with his group  ‘Satan’s Angels’,  he was well overdue for a workout with his personal fitness trainer to get him in condition for the next round of gigs. Not for him,  however,  a pectoral-packed powerhouse along the lines of Mister Motivator – oh no! For Rocky,  it was a slimline peach called Annabel Larch who only a year or so ago was a Great Britain gymnast with all the trimmings.

Rocky’s tour of the provinces had lasted three weeks and there was a fair bit of ground to make up. But there was something else,  too. Both knew it,  and wondered who would dare to speak it.  ‘Been a good girl while I have been away?’  Annabel shuffled her feet and looked down. Her voice was smaller when she spoke.  ‘I’m afraid I haven’t been awfully good,  no.’

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OTK Birthday Spankings

Never hesitate on your loved ones birthday to turn her over your knee and spank her!! Here we have 6 such spankings in progress.

On the survey front there have been around 400 submissions to each page and as soon as I get time I am going to update the review in comprehensive fashion. Some are a little out there,  like 10 spanks for each year by everyone present on the bare,  while others are plausible ranging from family members to friends to neighbors.

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Cara Edwards - Janus 126

Cara Edwards was the subject of  ‘The Uniform Series Number 8’,  which appeared in Janus 126. Cara’s waitress outfit does rather resemble a school uniform but I don’t think any of us were complaining!

Her boss had suggested she model for Janus after he administered her first ever spanking following a party to celebrate a successful year for the restaurant. She’d even kept the wooden spoon he’d used as a souvenir and brought it with her for her appointment. It’s obvious from these unpublished photos that it was certainly put to good use once again.

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Disciplinary Measures - Janus 132

We are pleased to feature these unseen images from the Janus 132 photo fantasy  ‘Disciplinary Measures’. This photo story saw Tara Duncan and Natalie (both making their first appearance in Janus) encounter village disciplinarian Hilary Hanbury-Boyce.

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Fleur Blondel can just about make out the deep voice on the phone. It is muffled by the heavy door but she can hear every word. She hears the receiver replaced and responds with alacrity when summoned to enter Robert Hemmings’  office. The desk separates them but not for long. Her boss stands and tells her to come closer. He is displeased.

‘Fleur,  I don’t know what you think you were doing,  but my girls do not visit clients dressed as if they were about to weed the garden.’ As he speaks,  he tugs at her baggy beige jumper and eyes her jeans disdainfully. ‘This company provides educated,  charming,  obliging young women to high income business men requiring secretarial or hostess services. We do not supply call-girls or charladies – and we most definitely do not send out students trying to make a few shillings in their spare time which is the image you seem to want to promote.’

She hangs her head. Fleur has heard rumours of how Mr Hemmings deals with girls who let down the reputation of the company…

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