Keith’s Girl Friday

Samantha Woodley In Keith’s Girl Friday

Keith Jones’  new Girl Friday,  Samantha Woodley is a very naughty personal assistant in three scintillating vignettes. See her bent over a bar stool and walloped pink,  turned over Keith’s knee for a panty and bare bottom warming with hand and paddle,  and finally,  for a serious infraction,  Samantha Woodley receives her first ever caning! Filled with hard,  sustained over the knee spanking,  with terrific reactions to match,  but Keith’s Girl Friday is also flirtatious,  fun and absolutely,  positively guaranteed to make you feel good about being into spanking!

Double Take - Janus 127

In the last few weeks Janus 127 was added to our online shop. We’re pleased to feature some unpublished photos of secretary Dreda Thornley from the Janus archive. Film director Jake Robards, who had previously taken Tahlia Dahl across his knee back in Janus 121,  teaches her a lesson she won’t forget.

Also included in this magazine is  ‘Friends in High Places’  by Michael Bryant. It’s the story of two French sisters and the chastisements they receive and it includes some rather lovely photos of pyjama punishment with a carpet beater. There is also a welcome  ‘Encore Janus’  feature on  ‘The Debutante and the Horsewoman’  from Janus 33.

Janus 127 can be downloaded here:

More photos can be found here:

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Birthday Spanking Time

A break from the usual Janus pics today. Here is a small collection of birthday spanking pics that I have collected over the years.

Did you ever get a birthday spanking?

Did you ever give a birthday spanking?

21st a 21st 23rd l (39) momma

A Brush With Aunt Winnie – Janus 82

Rebellious! Ungrateful! Uncaring! Unprincipled!’

Aunt Winnie’s finger wags. Her words flick like a whip.

‘Callous! Irresponsible! Utterly self-centered! No consideration whatsoever for anyone but your wicked,  deceitful,  spoiled self!’

‘And you can wipe that superior smirk off your face,  young woman! If I’d behaved a quarter as appallingly as you do when I was your age,  you may be sure it would have been beaten out of me!’

Melissa blinks. She wouldn’t have bothered to come here at all,  despite her aunt’s furious letter and phone calls,  had it not been for the fact that – well,  the old bag’s got money and,  as an only niece,  she had rather hoped…

‘Yes beaten my girl – with the back of a hairbrush!’

The magazine can be downloaded here

More photos are available to view here

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Jemima – Janus 140

Before I begin with today’s post,  I want to draw your attention to my latest real life story that is posted on my main site. The story is about a young girl by the name of Ellee and it features 12 pics of her getting the hand,  hairbrush and cane. You can read it right here —-> ELLEE’S STORY

Jemima – Janus 140

19-year-old Jemima appeared in the Janus 140 photo fantasy  ‘Little Scrubber’.

In the accompanying interview she explains why corporal punishment is so important to her. ‘When I want to be cured of incredibly negative feelings the best way I know is to be physically punished. I like to be beaten soundly until tears are flooding my face and my arse is on fire. When the punishment is over and I’m up on my feet again I feel incredibly strong. It’s therapeutic…and it makes me feel horny as hell.’

More exclusive photos can be found RIGHT HERE

The full digital magazine can be FOUND HERE

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Sweet Music - Janus 21

Record producer Robert Ricks is a man of considerable talent and expertise – hence the many silver discs which adorn the walls of his St John’s Wood, London home. One of several relatively recent rewards for his achievements has been the acquisition of a very pretty live-in girlfriend cum unpaid assistant named Cynthia – ‘Sin’ to everyone. Under Rob Ricks’ roof,  all Sin’s needs are catered for – including,  most importantly of all,  Sin’s sexual needs. Right now Robert Ricks is caning her as a punishment for flirting with some long haired young singer.

He really intends to thrash her this time but only manages to deliver three painfully stinging strokes before his doorbell starts to chime frenziedly. Sin doesn’t know whether to feel relieved or frustrated when her lord and master angrily decrees that she now has to stand up,  pull up her white knickers and adjust her white tunic so that she can let in the first of his afternoon appointments.

‘Coral Posey’,  sir’  Sin says softly,  ushering the attractive dark-haired singer in for her audition…

More pictures from Part 1 can be FOUND HERE

More pictures from Part 2 can be FOUND HERE

Janus 21 is available to download here: FULL DOWNLOAD


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Corrective Medicine - Janus 48

Dr Matthew Handley glanced at his watch. Five minutes to go. Not that he expected her to be late,  she was too frightened for that. He knew Nurse Brierley to be a very proper,  quite docile young English girl and with the relative enormity of what she had done…oh no,  she wouldn’t dare to be late. Just as she had been so ready to agree to what he had suggested. Anything so long as her action could be hushed up. Because stealing amphetamines was an extremely serious matter and if it were made public there was no doubt Claire Brierley would be kicked out – dismissed from her profession.

Matthew Handley,  a consultant radiologist at the hospital,  had no wish to see Claire Brierley scandalously disgraced. On the other hand if it was not to go any further it was clear that Nurse Brierley must be given a lesson that she would not want to forget in a hurry. As it happened Matthew Handley possessed the very instrument with which to impart such a lesson,  namely a three-foot-long cane,  already to hand in his consulting room…

Lots more pics from this set can be viewed at these links. PART 1 to start with,  and PART 2 to finish.

You can also purchase the entire digital magazine by CLICKING THIS LINK.

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Sophie Fennington - Encore Janus 5 and 6

Sophie Fennington achieved celebrity status among the spanking community in the 1980’s for her legendary ability to receive severe corporal punishment. She appeared in three issues of Janus and a large number of very popular videos including ‘Canings and Cold Showers’,  Lisa Must Be Caned’  and ‘The Caning Competition’. Sophie was an engaging and fascinating individual and it’s worth tracking down her on camera interview where she discusses the importance of CP in her life and the many films she appeared in.

Sophie announced her arrival on the scene with her appearance in Janus 53. ‘CP Tease’  was an enormously popular photo story with Janus readers and led to two more appearances in Janus 54 and Janus 60. Encore Janus 5 and Encore Janus 6 present a complete record of 154 photos taken for the Janus 53 shoot.

Encore Janus 5 can be SEEN HERE

Encore Janus 6 can be SEEN HERE

Janus 53 can be VIEWED HERE

Janus 54 can be VIEWED HERE

Janus 60 can be VIEWED HERE

For more photos of Sophie Fennington from Encore 5 and 6 CLICK THIS LINK

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Merry Christmas To All

Here is a video of myself playing Father Christmas spanking the naughty Pixie.

Carrie Mack - Februs 46

Only her most gullible fans believed she was really just 18. Carrie was exactly what they wanted her to be,  young,  naughty and incorrigible. ‘So when are you filming?’  Sonia asked. ‘We’re starting around nine,  with lighting and make up and everything beforehand,’  Carrie was nervous;  this was where it started to get serious. ‘Good. Excellent. Okay,  so let’s check you over. Raise your skirt.’  Sonia eyed the younger woman’s sensible white cotton panties with amused approval. ‘Excellent. And your bra?’ Apparently not so excellent. ‘Too much lace,  I’ve told you before,  keep it plain: frills are tarty,  not naughty and what do we want Carrie Mack to be?’

‘Naughty,  very,  very naughty.’

‘That’s right and what happens to naughty girls like Carrie Mack?’

‘They get punished. They get spanked;  they have to learn their lesson;  to get what they deserve.’  Carrie’s gentle accent imbued the words with a natural eroticism that could never have been cultivated by a voice coach…

More photos can be found here

Februs 46 can be downloaded here



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