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It isn’t just this movie that I put on sale at my CLIPS 4 SALE STORE,  I pretty much slashed the prices on everything as low as the website will let me set them. I have a new video coming soon so I thought this would be a good time to cut the prices on all the others. This one hour spanking video is on sale for $15.99. Here is the description of the movie and a ton of pictures from each film,  plus the spanking trailer.

Here are my top two best selling videos presented together as a one hour film. These are traditional spanking films,  nothing brutal,  just good sound over the knee spankings given to the girl next door. AMBER GREY – SCHOOLGIRL BLUES…. Here is the complete 25 minute movie. Naughty Amber Grey has returned to see Richard Windsor. In this film Amber is given a long otk spanking on the seat of her white nylon panties by hand and hairbrush. She then receives an otk spanking on her panties and bare bottom before finally getting a dose of the leather belt on her bare bottom. Lots of scolding from an Englishman to a sweet Texas cutie. This is a traditional form of spanking,  an old fashioned over the knee spanking given by hand and hairbrush and then finally the belt. The type of spankings that naughty girls across the country get. If you like your spankings the old fashioned way then you will love this,  Amber is a little squirmer with the cutest bubble butt. …. THE CHEEKY BABYSITTER …. This naughty babysitter finds herself getting a birthday spanking on the seat of her white nylon panties,  but that is just the start of her troubles. Clearly curious about the threat of a further spanking she dons her silky nightie, and gets spanked once more,  this time on the bare bottom after her panties are soundly warmed. Will she be curious about the belt though? A third spanking ensues which is followed by a dose of the belt…. Lot’s of otk action,  cute white nylon panties,  and red bottoms all around.

Purchase on CLIPS4SALE

Purchase on CLIPS4SALE

Birthday Spanks

One per year and perhaps 100 to grow on :)

Getting Birthday Spanks

Giving Birthday Spanks


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Introducing Ophelia de Havilland

Hey guys,

If you want to read about why my time has been short online lately you can read about it on my main site.

One of the joys regarding running websites is the amount of personal emails that I get. A lot of times these emails are from people who are reaching out looking for information that I might be able to provide. Ophelia de Havilland was one of these people who was aware that I lived in New York City and wondered whether or not I would be able to assist her with any information regarding an upcoming trip to New York.


Well this was one of those times where the stars aligned correctly. Ophelia was looking to come to New York around December which was ironic because my friends from the SSNY group were hosting a spanking party in December. Ophelia and I exchanged emails and the timing worked out right that she was able to arrange her trip to New York while the spanking weekend would be taking place.

Now here is the deal,  Ophelia will be attending the SSNY party for those fun spankings,  but she will also have a very FEW slots open for private paid sessions to book with her at her hotel. If that is something that interests you then don’t time waste OR be a time waster. There are only a few options so only serious inquiries are required.


Now if you go to Ophelia’s website you can view the various areas of this six foot tall English lady and her methods for dealing with naughty boys via the traditional method of spankings. Perhaps the first area that you should concern yourselves with is Ophelia’s spanking rules.

Here are some of the areas of Ophelia’s website. Just click the link for each area.

Ophelia’s blog



And perhaps as important as many,  the About Ophelia section where you can read how Ophelia got started,  how she herself fell victim to her nanny’s flexible cane and her father’s knee,  and from there how she started disciplining her male cousin. This section is evolving with a promise of more stories to come.

Now be respectful should you contact Ophelia,  her time in New York is going to be short so be serious should you have an inquiry. Her email address is should you wish to contact her. I’m not sure if she offers specific roles such as Auntie or Governess etc,  that will be for you to find out when you contact her.

Ophelia is a proper English lady who stands 6’5″ in heels,  and she believes in traditional over the knee discipline via a stern spanking hand on a deserving naughty bottom,  does that describe you?


The Punishment Panties - Janus 124

More years ago that she cares to remember,  when Hilary Hanbury-Boyce (nee Winchester) weighed eight stone two and tripped slip-hipped down the village street,  face like a fresh opened flower and youth in her blood,  the men she passed would whistle,  or groan with desire,  or stop in their tracks and gape.

Stuttered requests for dates,  letters declaring undying passion,  Valentines by the sackful,  all were no more than a lovely girl had come to expect. The hearts young Hilary broke when she married a soldier of considerably maturer years were legion. But that was long since,  the world has moved on…

Today an equally lovely girl walks up the same village street. Her name is Kirsten Holmwood. Her blonde hair flows like sunwashed silk,  her firm young limbs and lissom body move with natural grace. She is scared,  yet there is a terrible thrilling in her. She has done something terrible and knows that retribution is about to be enacted.

Why has Kristen come to the house on the hill today? She knows well enough what happens to girls who report here,  for this is where the local disciplinarian lives. She reaches the imposing front door. Gripping the time-weathered knocker,  her hand trembles. She almost turns and runs,  but screws up her courage.


More photos can be found here:

Janus 124 can be downloaded here:

IMGf_0002 IMGf_0008 IMGf_0009

Carrie's Confessor - Latest Janus Photo Update

Carrie’s Confessor –  Janus 112

Carrie’s friend Jennifer suggested it. Go to Alan and tell him everything. He’d be able to help because Alan knew about such things. You see,  Carrie had a problem. Well,  actually,  she had four of them. Boyfriends that is;  they were the problem. And now she was feeling guilty. She’d been brought up to be well-behaved,  nice,  and correct. Unfortunately,  Carrie was none of these and she knew it.

The trouble was that she could never say  ‘No’  –  that was always what happened when ever she tried to be nice. She knew that she could exercise more control,  but her needs always seemed to take over from her mind. Promiscuity was becoming a way of life and Carrie desperately wanted to stop before something serious happened. Perhaps Jennifer had been right. Perhaps she should tell someone who was objective. Perhaps she should go and see Alan. Heart pounding,  Carrie went to see Alan. He told her that she could only absolve herself if she was honest. She had to tell him everything,  and she had to accept his solution. He could exorcise her guilt to humiliation and punishment.

To see more of Carrie’s punishment you can download a copy of Janus 112 by clicking on the highlighted link.

More photos can be found here:

IMG_0002 IMG_0004 IMG_0005

Alice – Janus 75

We’re pleased to feature some more spanking images from the continuation of the photo story  ‘Alice’  which appeared in Janus 75. She does have the most spankable bottom,  which is certainly shown to its best advantage in these amazing photos by Vic Barnes. Examples of Vic’s trademark  ‘impact shot’  feature prominently in this classic photo shoot.

To see more of Alice, you can download copies of Janus 60, Janus 74 and Janus 75 by clicking on the highlighted links.

More photos can be found here:

janus75Bphoto002 janus75Bphoto008 janus75Bphoto019

Shadowlane On Hot Movies

Here is a small collection of Shadowlane films that are available on Hot Movies. Practically every spanking film that they have ever done is on Hot Movies,  the streaming internet site where you can watch hours upon hours of your favorite fetish. If spanking isn’t your thing then just poke around,  they have something for everyone.


Alice - Janus 74

It has been two years since Alice fell under the spell of the enigmatic Selina  (see Janus 60). Two years of submissive devotion to her female  ‘Svengali’  have changed the girl. But now Selina has moved on,  leaving Alice with a newfound confidence.

Alice has become a model,  the perfect job for her vain and admittedly narcissistic new character. Emotionally,  she is more stable and less dependent on other people. She now makes her own decisions and working for herself is a rewarding experience.

Something is missing from Alice’s new life,  however,  and of course she knows just what it is. When she came to see us recently and talked and talked,  we realised we had another candidate for the Black Room.

Janus 74 can be downloaded here:

More photos from Alice can be found here:

janus74Bphoto001 janus74Bphoto008 janus75Bphoto018

Naughty Ellee Evergood

For some reason this girl always seems to be getting her bottom spanked,  and of course Uncle Richard has to make sure that she stays in line. There is a whole page that I have created linking every tale that ellee has featured in. There is quite a lot already,  and I haven’t come close to posting everything yet.

Visit ELLEE’S SPANKING PAGE on my website for loads of pics and stories featuring ellee get spanked. While she does indeed get spanked on the bare bottom,  the only pics that we post are of her getting spanked on her panties,  so if that is your thing then you have a treat in store.

Panty Spanking Survey


Birthday Spankings Don’t Really Happen

That would probably be the answer that a lot of people would give,  but going by the survey’s so far there have been over 700 responses that would suggest otherwise. Friends,  boyfriends,  girlfriend’s,  husbands and wives all give and get them,  that’s of course if the birthday person is lucky. When it is a family member then things take a different turn,  no matter how old the birthday boy or girl is. It isn’t unusual at all for the mom or dad to take their mid 20’s son or daughter over their knee one more time. When returning home it hasn’t been unusual for the birthday girl to have her skirt flipped up or her pants pulled down for her family member to tan her panty clad bottom on her birthday,  or even worse and get it on the bare bottom. Lots of different people have handed them out,  family friends,  girlfriend’s moms,  neighbors,  you name it,  they have spanked it. Did it ever happen to you?

Getting Birthday Spanks

Giving Birthday Spanks

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