Dr Handley’s Private Practice – Janus 31

Exhibit A in the Case against Dr M J Handley:

A set of photographs presented as evidence in the case against Dr Matthew Handley,  Medical Officer to the Welfare Service. The girl in the photographs is Miss Tracy Marie Blanchard,  a 19-year-old student at Chelmsden College of Arts.

She is seen entering Dr Handley’s private practice at Number 26 Strathmore Mansions on July 3rd 19**. Once inside Number 26,  Miss Blanchard is required to perform a preliminary toe-touching exercise and the Doctor is seen kneeling down lifting her short skirt to examine the crotch of her white knickers.

Dr Handley then resumes undressing the girl and removing her skirt and knickers to leave her nude apart from the black high-heeled shoes. He indulges in some pseudo-medical ‘inspection’  of her body and his gloating expression can be clearly seen as he paws lecherously at her bottom.

In the next few photos we can see Dr Handley’s pre-punishment ritual. First the girl has been made to kneel upright before him, hands behind her back,  in a posture of supplication. Then,  still kneeling,  she has to place her hands on her head. This pose is held for a further quarter of an hour as a prelude to the punishment proper…

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J31a0_0002 J31a0_0004 J31a0_0010

The Further Misadventures of Christina Winchester

Last week we featured a selection of spanking photos from Christina Winchester’s punishment at the hands of Aunt Bess. We promised to publish some further high quality images of Christina receiving the birch in the same shoot. We’re pleased to include those below and we hope you enjoy seeing them.

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Privilege Club 9 can be downloaded here:

PC92_0002 PC92_0004 PC92_0006

The Misadventures of Christina Winchester

As promised a few weeks back we are pleased to feature some more high quality images from Christina Winchester’s appearances in Privilege Club. These images,  which were taken at the  ‘Janus House’  in Greenwich,  accompany the diary entry entitled  ‘Aunt’s History Lesson’  which Christina also wrote:

I had always been more than a little nervous of Aunt Bess. Maybe it was her abrupt,  no-nonsense manner. Maybe it was her countenance,  which always seemed to be smiling at everyone else and frowning at me. I knew that she thought me spoilt and conceited but,  as far as I was concerned,  it was none of her business! I loathed the way she made her enthusiastic support for corporal punishment abundantly clear to my parents,  as well as her opinion that they were far too lenient with me.

When Mother and Father told me they were actually going on holiday without me,  I couldn’t believe it! I found that no amount of kicking,  screaming or stamping my foot could change their minds. They had booked their tickets for India and were due to leave a day after term ended. That,  however,  was only the half of it! I had just turned eighteen years old and felt quite capable of looking after myself. But no! They had organised for me to stay with a guardian during their absence and,  to make matters worse,  had entrusted me to Aunt Bess…

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Privilege Club 9 can be downloaded here:

PC9_0003 PC9_0005 PC9_0006

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Movies On Demand – Version 2

Pics That Won't Be Posted

Over the years I have also collected a bunch of F/M pics where the original goal was to use them in some type of marketing ploy. The thing is though, they will probably never be posted anywhere, not on my sites anyway. So to use them in a marketing manner I will look to improve my Google ranking by using one of my survey’s which are incredibly popular for bringing traffic to this site.

If you are interested in receiving the 14 pics on the sheet shown below and F/M spanking is your thing, they are all regular size added to a ZIP file, then fill out the survey below and leave your email address in the last column. As anyone will attest, I don’t use the emails for spam purposes, I just send people rare pics from time to time on a whim that don’t get posted on this blog.



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25,000 people have searched for panty spankings on my sites over the last 5 years. Do you have a panty spanking fetish? If so then this survey is for you. Your first spanking over panties,  first panty spanking given,  favorite types of panties,  do you remember your first spanking over nylon panties. Silk,  satin,  nylon,  cotton,  you name it,  it is a panty spanker’s paradise.

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What are your thoughts on bedtime spankings? Should panties be worn? Your thoughts on bedtime spankings.

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Did you ever get a birthday spanking at any point in your life? If you did,  who spanked you and how did they do it?

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This survey is for you to tell us about a birthday spanking you have given.

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Good Neighbors

Do you have a neighbor that makes you think of spanking,  either now or in the past? Is there someone who needs to go over your knee,  or perhaps you need to go over theirs? Think about that person as you answer these questions.

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130 people have so far filled out this survey. You pick a male spanker,  it could be yourself,  and you pick a female spankee,  either from the list or yourself. Then describe what happens.

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Same as above only this time it is the female spanker’s turn. Pick from the list or someone you know,  then pick who is getting spanked. What they are spanked with and how. 118 responses to this one so far.

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Birthday Fantasy Spanking

You and a Male or Female of your choice are at Dana Specht’s house and someone is about to get a birthday spanking, Dana is sat in her favorite spanking chair. Standing in front of her are her two surrogate daughters (Jane 21 and Sue 19), each dressed in a t-shirt and a pair of nylon bikini panties. Dana is holding the small wooden paddle that has spanked the seat of each girls panties dozens of times already. The thing is, who is getting a birthday spanking today, is it one of the girls or someone else?

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Time To Remember

You can read my story in the link above about the first spanking that I gave. Do you remember your first? Some of you started older, while some of you started younger. So let’s play who’s on first,  do you remember your first spanking experience?

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Movies On Demand – Version 1

The Art of the Impact Shot – Februs 16

Februs 16 introduces us to the lovely Jemma who receives a good spanking in the photo story ‘In the Patriarchs’ Days’. (This photo story was one of four Februs shoots to be reprinted with some unseen images in Janus 156.)

On examining the negatives it was apparent there were an unusually large number of excellent impact shots  –  the trademark of Janus and Februs photographer Vic Barnes. We decided to focus specifically on these shots for this update and we hope you enjoy seeing the evidence of Jemma’s sound punishment.

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Februs 16_0003 Februs 16_0004 Februs 16_0011

Birthday Spankings Galore

It doesn’t matter how old you are,  you are never too old for a birthday spanking.



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Taking it Lying Down – Janus 127

It was all very well being the best ballet dancer in a sleepy country town,  but Angie was uncomfortably aware of the limitations to her career. Moving to the Big City for tuition by one of the past masters of the noble dance had been the only way forward. Things proved to be tougher than expected. In the first place,  18-year-old Angie was the youngest in a class of eight girls. She was also the prettiest. Which of these two things was the one causing the problem she wasn’t too sure. After all,  as far as she could see,  she was the best dancer in the group.

The Great Man always singled her out for criticism and Angie invariably felt that it was unjustified. Angie thought that he was like her first headmaster in that he totally dominated his protégées. The last session had been particularly bad. It appeared she couldn’t do anything right. The Great Man told her that she would be required to start her extra-curricular training in one hour. Angie was to report to the therapy room for body-toning discipline.

She had sixty minutes to compose herself before it was time to report. She couldn’t even begin to imagine what would happen then…

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J127B J127B_0005 J127B_0007

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