OTK Birthday Spankings

Never hesitate on your loved ones birthday to turn her over your knee and spank her!! Here we have 6 such spankings in progress.

On the survey front there have been around 400 submissions to each page and as soon as I get time I am going to update the review in comprehensive fashion. Some are a little out there,  like 10 spanks for each year by everyone present on the bare,  while others are plausible ranging from family members to friends to neighbors.

Getting Birthday Spanks

Giving Birthday Spanks

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Cara Edwards - Janus 126

Cara Edwards was the subject of  ‘The Uniform Series Number 8’,  which appeared in Janus 126. Cara’s waitress outfit does rather resemble a school uniform but I don’t think any of us were complaining!

Her boss had suggested she model for Janus after he administered her first ever spanking following a party to celebrate a successful year for the restaurant. She’d even kept the wooden spoon he’d used as a souvenir and brought it with her for her appointment. It’s obvious from these unpublished photos that it was certainly put to good use once again.

More photos can be found here:

Janus 126 can be downloaded here:

IMG_0002 IMG_0005 IMG_0009

Disciplinary Measures - Janus 132

We are pleased to feature these unseen images from the Janus 132 photo fantasy  ‘Disciplinary Measures’. This photo story saw Tara Duncan and Natalie (both making their first appearance in Janus) encounter village disciplinarian Hilary Hanbury-Boyce.

Janus 132 can be downloaded here:

Additional unseen photos can be viewed here:

 IMG1_0002 IMGa_0004 IMGa_0007


Fleur Blondel can just about make out the deep voice on the phone. It is muffled by the heavy door but she can hear every word. She hears the receiver replaced and responds with alacrity when summoned to enter Robert Hemmings’  office. The desk separates them but not for long. Her boss stands and tells her to come closer. He is displeased.

‘Fleur,  I don’t know what you think you were doing,  but my girls do not visit clients dressed as if they were about to weed the garden.’ As he speaks,  he tugs at her baggy beige jumper and eyes her jeans disdainfully. ‘This company provides educated,  charming,  obliging young women to high income business men requiring secretarial or hostess services. We do not supply call-girls or charladies – and we most definitely do not send out students trying to make a few shillings in their spare time which is the image you seem to want to promote.’

She hangs her head. Fleur has heard rumours of how Mr Hemmings deals with girls who let down the reputation of the company…

Februs 15 can be downloaded here:

More photos can be found here:

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OTK Birthday Spankings

Just a random collection of over the knee birthday spanking pics. As always the two surveys are active:

Getting Birthday Spanks

Giving Birthday Spanks

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Friends in High Places Part 2 - Janus 127

As promised we are pleased to feature photos of Marie receiving her medicine in Michael Bryant’s ‘Friends in High Places’. All these photos are previously unseen.

To read Michael Bryant’s excellent story download a copy of Janus 127.

More photos can be found here:

Janus 127 can be downloaded here:

IMG_0012 IMG_0018 IMG_0019

Birthday Spankings

As I gave ellee a birthday spanking last night,  here are some fun birthday spankings. On my main site I also have a few birthday spanking stories if that is of interest to you.

Birthday spanking for Laura

Three Girls – Part 1

Jane’s Birthday Spanking

A simple birthday spanking

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Julianne - Janus 113

A couple of weeks ago when we covered the photo fantasy ‘Double Take’  from Janus 127,  we mentioned that the magazine included a few pyjama punishment photos.

These photos accompanied the story  ‘Friends in High Places’,  which described a painful punishment with a carpet beater for two French sisters,  Marie and Aline. As only a couple of images had been featured in the magazine,  the negatives had actually been sitting in a pile we’d previously not been able to match up.

Only one roll of film was taken to capture the chastisement of both sisters but we hope you’ll agree that these simple and beautiful photos deserve to be seen. First up for correction is Aline and if you check back next week you can see Marie on the receiving end.

To read Michael Bryant’s excellent story download a copy of Janus 127

To see more photos click here:

To download a copy of Janus 127 click here:

IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0007

Julianne - Janus 113

Julianne is 19,  with a face and form to inspire poetry in the most prosaic of men.

She is the girl the love-songs are written about:  ‘the face in the misty light’,  ‘the promised kiss of springtime’,  ‘your lips,  your eyes,  your golden hair,  are a class beyond compare…’

Ever noticed in that last-instanced song,  that ‘eyes’  doesn’t rhyme with ‘class’? Can any of you poets,  gazing on Julianne’s loveliness,  think of a word that not only rhymes with ‘class’,  but would be wondrously appropriate in her case?

Thought you might! Julianne possesses a bottom to dream upon!

Janus 113 can be downloaded here:

More photos can be found here:

IMG_0002 IMG_0004 IMGa_0001

Lexi And January Get Strapped

In AmateurSpankings‘  first new video of the new year,  Lexi and January get a razor strap to their bottoms (from Val) for drinking and being irresponsible.

If you’re a fan of F/FF, “Lexi And January Get Strapped”  is for you. It’s 2 very sexy bottoms getting a good punishment from Val.

Also,  this is the first ever video on AmateurSpankings.com that is in hi-definition. All new videos from this point forward will be in hi-def.

lexiandjanuarygetstrapped01 lexiandjanuarygetstrapped10 lexiandjanuarygetstrapped13 lexiandjanuarygetstrapped14

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