Birthday Spankings Don’t Really Happen

That would probably be the answer that a lot of people would give,  but going by the survey’s so far there have been over 700 responses that would suggest otherwise. Friends,  boyfriends,  girlfriend’s,  husbands and wives all give and get them,  that’s of course if the birthday person is lucky. When it is a family member then things take a different turn,  no matter how old the birthday boy or girl is. It isn’t unusual at all for the mom or dad to take their mid 20’s son or daughter over their knee one more time. When returning home it hasn’t been unusual for the birthday girl to have her skirt flipped up or her pants pulled down for her family member to tan her panty clad bottom on her birthday,  or even worse and get it on the bare bottom. Lots of different people have handed them out,  family friends,  girlfriend’s moms,  neighbors,  you name it,  they have spanked it. Did it ever happen to you?

Getting Birthday Spanks

Giving Birthday Spanks

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Paula Meadows - The Janus Interview

What is there left to say about Paula Meadows? A wonderful model,  outstanding illustrator and editor extraordinaire! It’s difficult to think of anyone else who has contributed as much,  and in so many different way,  to the CP scene.

Fortunately Paula had plenty to say for herself about her time with Janus and Februs when she met with Janus archivist Jon Rayworth a few weeks back. In a brand new interview Paula talks about how she became involved with Janus and her life since leaving that world behind. ‘I don’t think Paula or I wanted to revisit events that had already been well documented’  says Rayworth. ‘This interview covers new ground. It was fascinating to hear for the first time about her career as an artist and model before Janus and what it was like to work on these magazines.’

Click on the link below to read what will certainly be Paula’s last interview on the subject.

Paula Meadows – The Final Word

To celebrate her work you can download a Janus Collection of her favourite illustrations and Encore Janus 9 has just been released,  gathering together in high quality all the remaining archive prints from her appearances as a model in Janus 13,  Janus 21 ,  Janus 29 and Janus 38 .

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Birthday Spanks

Just a reminder that you are never too old for a spanking,  that’s why we have birthday spankings after all.

The Chair - Janus 35

21-year-old Joanna received a caning in her one and only Janus appearance in Janus 35. She featured in the photo fantasy  ‘The Chair’  and also gave an interview about her real life experiences of corporal punishment in the same issue. ‘The Chair’  is a delightfully simple scenario featuring just Joanna,  the chair and the cane. She is caned in every conceivable position across this single piece of furniture. Only a few words accompany this photo fantasy –  ‘The Chair is not for sitting on – well,  not for the moment anyway…’

More photos can be found here:

Janus 35 can be downloaded here:

janus35Bphoto005 janus35Bphoto008 janus35Bphoto014

All Yours – Janus 24

It would be fair to say that Janus 24 is probably best remembered for Antonia du Bois’s final appearance in the magazine. The spanking photo fantasy  ‘All Yours’  is often overlooked,  coming as it does in the middle of a formidable run of issues that appeared in the early 1980s. Peter French and Vic Barnes always tried to ensure that each issue of Janus was different from what had gone before. They knew the easy option was to put a model in a uniform on every cover but instead decided to develop unique corporal punishment scenarios for each photo fantasy. This approach distinguished the magazine from many of it’s rivals at the time.

Written by Peter French  ‘All Yours’  is a submissive fantasy for readers to loose themselves in.

‘Every gentleman should have a girl whose will is his command – who finds her keenest pleasure in obeying him,  risking chastisement when she fails. Or better still,  several…’

More photos can be found here:

Janus 24 is available to download here:

janus24Aphoto012 janus24Aphoto021 janus24Aphoto026

America’s Birthday

Just about the right time for a birthday spanking,  huh? Who needs those 237 swats? If you want you can fill out the giving birthday spanks survey and make up who you want to give it to and how. Over 500 people have filled these out so far and next week I will update the results for you.

Getting Birthday Spanks

Giving Birthday Spanks

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Very Hot

I always found this picture really hot,  it is like there is a girl awaiting her punishment and very soon someone else is going to be sat on that chair and afterwards she isn’t going to want to sit anywhere.

New Windsor Classics Forum for my rare finds… CLICK HERE


Sally Jones - Februs 48

Sally Jones picks her way across the grounds. City-girl that she is,  she is dressed for summer still: casually smart in her low-cut sleeveless top,  plain skirt and strappy sandals. She has a jacket draped over the back of her chair but was not allowed to fetch it before starting on her mission. The air is chilly and the grass is damp. Sally is not happy. She has been told to collect a bunch of twigs no shorter than two feet and no longer than three. They must not be too soggy or too brittle (too soggy or brittle for what? she wonders). No great quantity is required: a handful will do,  those with small offshoots will be most acceptable.

Sally doesn’t understand the significance of her manager’s instructions and she is worried about what will happen when she returns to the office…

More photos can be found here:

Februs 48 can be downloaded here:


Spanker Claus

Christmas in June? Surely not? Ah,  but this is spanking land where naughty ones have to deal with Santa all the year round :)

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Free Video On Saturday Night

It is somewhat of a surprise that only 20 people want the free video download of the following movie,  so this is the final call. Once I send the link tomorrow night to the people who wanted it I will be removing these posts and the chance will pass you by. If you want a copy it is really simple,  just read below the video trailer to see the small thing you can do. This really is the last call for a free video,  after tomorrow night the chance will be gone.

The video is 25 minutes long and you can read the description by following the link above. Now to get a free copy of the video it is really easy,  either leave a comment on one of these stories listed below and leave your email address,  or fill out the simple survey listed below where I will be using some of the answers to create a nice bumper birthday spanking story. The more people put in then the more I will have to use. The survey isn’t that important,  if you would rather take the alternate route then comment on one of my stories instead.

If this proves successful I may continue to do things like this and give away all of my videos this year. I do make some money from them but that isn’t really that important to me.

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