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Next week I am going to upload a video to a file sharing network where anybody who takes part in helping me create a story will get a free video download. The video that I am giving away is this one,  my best selling video AMBER GREY – SCHOOLGIRL BLUES.


The video is 25 minutes long and you can read the description by following the link above. Now to get a free copy of the video it is really easy,  either leave a comment on one of these stories listed below and leave your email address,  or fill out the simple survey listed below where I will be using some of the answers to create a nice bumper birthday spanking story. The more people put in then the more I will have to use. The survey isn’t that important,  if you would rather take the alternate route then comment on one of my stories instead.

The purpose of the comments is simple,  the more comments a post gets then the more likely it is to get tagged by Google,  and in return you get a free video out of it via a download link. This particular site tends to get people filling out surveys for fun so I will give the people on this site that option. Even if they make it up they are very popular. So make your choice,  either comment on a story and leave your email address or fill out the survey below. The video download will be sent within the next two weeks,  more than likely next week but I will buy myself a little time in case something happens next week :)

If this proves successful I may continue to do things like this and give away all of my videos this year. I do make some money from them but that isn’t really that important to me.

Here are the stories you can comment on:

Birthday Spanking Paddle

Time to get a little more serious with these birthday spanking,  it’s time for a birthday paddling!!

Birthday Time

The most popular fantasy survey’s on my site. Most people post about their own,  but many talk about others they have witnessed,  some even openly share what they wished would have happened.

Do you have a tale to share? Tomorrow I will update the survey results so far,  there are 100’s of responses.


Getting Birthday Spanks

Giving Birthday Spanks

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Alison Gregory – Janus 119


Janus 119 saw the start of a popular Uniform Series with  ‘Nurse Alison’. Alison Gregory talks at length about the relationship she developed with her employer while acting as his private nurse.

She describes the moment he asked her if she had ever been spanked and what it felt like to go across his knee for the first time. “After folding back the uniform skirt he spanked my bottom over my black knickers,  almost reverently. It was one of the most sexually charged experiences of my life. I actually came after about five minutes of spanking. When he pulled my knickers down he must have noticed,  but by then I just didn’t care!”

We hope you enjoy this small selection of published and unpublished photos which show Alison back in her uniform. To see more of Alison’s punishment download a digital copy of Janus 119 by clicking on the highlighted link.

Janus 119 can be downloaded here:

More photos of Alison can be found: and here

IMG_0005 IMG_0006 IMG_0014

Trinda McGarrett – Februs 24

Februs 24 photo fantasy  ‘Fit for the Deed’.

Promotion – and so soon! Trinda McGarrett hugged herself and smiled as she sat waiting for the health studio’s Manager to keep their appointment. At last her superior arrived and Trinda stood to greet her with a smile. It was not returned –  but then Ms Morris was a busy woman and there were obviously serious matters to be discussed.

‘Trinda,  you have been with us for just over six months and, having started well,  I now find you giving us grounds for concern. ’ Trinda flinched at her words. This was completely unexpected. Her silence was interpreted as insolence.  ‘It was clearly explained to you at interview that preference was generally given to candidates with a background in sports. It was your general physical fitness that swayed us in your favour but according to our records you haven’t worked out in the last nine weeks.’

‘You either agree to start a strict regime immediately to rectify the situation or you leave our company’. Trinda was starting to understand why Ms Morris had acquired a reputation with colleagues as a disciplinarian… 

More photos can be found here:

Februs 24 can be downloaded here:

Februs24_0004 Februs24_0006 Februs24_0007

For The Panty Lovers

Just to let you all know I am still sending out panty spanking pics via email. Most of these pics do not make my blogs but I have so many of them that I created an email group. So far there are over 100 members. If you wish to receive these pics yourself,  as well as other spanking pics,  just go to this survey. You don’t have to fill the survey out,  just fill in the last box with your email address and click submit,  the survey can be found below.


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Dealing with Dowling – Janus 143

Working for a large investment bank,  Nikki Dowling is on the verge of making a disastrous financial error that would cost her employer millions of pounds. Her manager intervenes and saves the day but Nikki knows there will be a price to pay for her carelessness. Considering Janus 143 was published over ten years ago it’s amazing how prophetic this story has proved to be. Perhaps if banks had formally introduced these severe disciplinary measures then…well who knows!

Janus 143 can be downloaded here:

More photos can be found here:

IMG_0019 IMGb_0015 IMGe_0012

The Windsor Sitemap

Over on my main site I have created a sitemap which you can view below this picture. The picture itself is some type of public spanking machine at the beach.


An Elegant Caning – Janus 12

Janus 12 features a charming,  simple set of black and white photos of a  ‘schoolgirl’  caning. The irresistible tomboy (who is not named as photo fantasies hadn’t yet started in the magazine) can also be seen in two Roue videos –  ‘4 O’clock Report’  and  ‘The Rebel at St Angela’s’. These beautifully lit photographs perfectly capture the build up,  administration and aftermath of a caning.

Janus 12 can be downloaded here:

More photos from this set can be seen here:

janus12photo001 janus12photo006janus12photo008

How To Give A Birthday Spanking

There are many different ways to give a birthday spanking and here are a few options for you. At the bottom there is a fun survey for those of you who like to do them. Previous surveys have received hundreds of responses so have fun with it,  even if it is imagined.

Don’t forget that I am also adding pages for the girls that I play with. Amber Grey has just been added along with Amber Pixie Wells and Ellee Evergood.

1) A birthday spanking on the skirt/pants. Probably the most realistic and is likely to happen anywhere.


2) Ah,  those summertime spankings. Cute little shorts up high for a nice spanking.


3) And now for pajama spankings. They can happen in the morning,  at nighttime or even worse,  the night before the birthday.

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4) It gets worse,  you can’t seriously spank a girl on her panties for her birthday,  can you?


5) Oh man,  seriously? A birthday spanking at a pool party?

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6) And now for the granddaddy of spankings,  a birthday spanking on the bare bottom.


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